Why Mikhail Blagosklonny is the Doctor of Life

Mikhail Blagosklonny, a well-known oncologist is often referred to as the doctor of life, mainly because of his work in oncology. Additionally, his work on anti-aging has proven to be at the helm of his most recent research, as he is recognized for his work and research on anti-aging and rapamycin, a drug that is both targeted to build immunity and it is most effective for those who are aging. The purpose behind the initial research was to find out if in fact this drug would be just as effective for those who are cancer patients. Now those who are elderly, and are both cancer patients and aging can now benefit from this new drug. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

The standard as it relates to aging is caused by damage to random molecules, but now research could prove otherwise. A theory, known as the hyperfunction theory, has been described as a continuation of growth. Pathways known as the TOR, or the Targeting of Rapamycin is now how doctors can not only treat but prevent diseases in those that are aging. The key to finding out what works is to study the schedules and doses in which the medication is given. Rapamycin and its analogs, known as rapalogs, are now being studied in the treatment of tumors, but more importantly these inhibitors now show promise for doctors as they seek to extend human life.

Slowing down the aging process may also halt the onset of diseases that typically occur in the elderly individuals. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has referred to his research on this as the TOR-centric model, and that model is now one of the most sought after models in oncology. The specific analog for these benefits, known as Evirolimus, is now the focus of Novartis, a major player in the drug industry. This analog is known for its capability in treating those with cancer of the kidneys, pancreas, brain, and breast cancer as well. Additionally, this is also a drug that can assist in the prevention of the body rejection a transplanted liver or kidney.

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While many doctors seek more information regarding Evirolimus, the analog of Rapamycin, it is clear that this drug could be used for the benefit of improving everything about aging and what it involves. All processes that affect the growth of cancer may also be reversed with the help of Rapamycin, mainly because it also affects cardiovascular disease and many other diseases that are related.