What You Need to Know About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was started in 1993 and is located in Austin, Texas. The company is privately owned and mainly deals with health screening services for adults. Life Line company consists of over one thousand employees and is more of a community-based company. Life Line partners with highly qualified medical officers to provide screening services in the neighbourhoods to enable early detection of health problems for prior treatment. The screenings take place in places of worship, community centers, and other locations where people have easy access.

Life Line Screening Company has a broad health screening services which include: Testosterone deficiency screening, heart disease screening, vitamin D screening, high blood pressure, lung cancer screening, and prostate cancer screening. It also deals with high cholesterol screening, thyroid disease screening, chronic kidney disease screening, carotid artery disease screening, and health risk assessment amongst many others.

Testosterone deficiency is as a result of several reasons which include: infections, radiations, trauma, some steroids, and some types of surgeries. Signs of this problem in guys can be noted by breast enlargement and sexual problems while in girls it can be noted by no menstruation and low libido. Heart disease problems have become common due to the lifestyle and food type which might contain a lot of cholesterol. The major sign of heart problems is a pain in the chest and is caused by obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes amongst others. Vitamin D is used in the body in the formation of healthy bones and teeth. Its deficiency may be as a result of not getting enough sun and also liver or kidney disease. Lung cancer is mainly associated with smoking, but it is not always a must. Another problem is prostate cancer, and its symptoms include difficulty with urination and blood in urine. To detect the problem, a sample of blood is taken, and prostate specific antigen is measured.

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Apart from screening, Life Line Screening also issues a newsletter where a person can follow and get help to avoid certain diseases. Life Line cannot accomplish this alone; it partners with several organizations which include: hospitals, the medical community, business organizations, insurance companies, community groups, and many others.

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