Squaw Valley Issues Statement on Water Quality

Squaw Valley, a major ski resort located in Placer County, Nevada, near Lake Tahoe, recently issued a press release concerning reports of contamination of well-water near Upper Mountain at the resort. According to Squaw Valley, the levels of E. coli and coliform that were detected in the water system have been lowered significantly thanks to continuous treatments. Three of the four wells are currently registering low coliform and zero amounts of E. coli.


According to Placer County health officials, the public water system has not been affected in any way. The contamination was due to unusually heavy rainfall in October, and routine testing revealed the issue in November. Local authorities were promptly informed and Squaw Valley brought in a number of independent experts to help bring the levels of contaminants down to safe levels.


Although Squaw Valley management is pleased with the success of the treatment plan, restaurants on the Upper Mountain remain closed, and guests are not allowed to drink well water from affected areas. Squaw Valley takes the safety of their guests very seriously and will not re-open the water system until the county health department and the resort’s independent experts agree that it is safe to do so.


Squaw Valley is the second-largest ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area. The resort recently merged with neighboring Alpine Meadows to form one of the largest ski areas in the United States.





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