Securus Innovative Solution To Preventing Damage Caused By Possession Of Contraband Cell Phones In Correctional Facilities

Securus is a top communications provider for clients in the civil and criminal justice sector in the States serving more than 1.2 billion inmates across North America. The firm’s services provide means of investigating by facilities’ personnel, corrections, monitoring, public safety and communication between the staff, prisoners and families and friends of the inmates. In February 2017, Securus announced that it has activated an additional implementation of the Wireless Containment Solution (WCS). Securus recently launched the program in another facility to help prevent illegal possession of contraband mobile phone by inmates. The solution also prevents the handsets from reaching the commercialized mobile network. Securus aids prison employees to investigate possession of phones by collecting the electronic identity of the devices. They provide the staff with adequate data and intelligence to help on the correctional investigation that ultimately solves and prevents future crimes.


Richard A. Smith, the chairman and chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, complimented the state’s efforts in taking proactive action against illegal communications in prisons. He said that the practice was the biggest threat to authorized prison communication. According to the CEO, the state’s application of the Wireless Containment Solutions was proof of its effectiveness in curbing illegal contact and protecting the public. Richard reported that Securus’ teams were aggressively installing the world-class system in correctional facilities across the nation to manage and control contraband wireless devices and cellular handsets.


The Wireless Containment Solution contains innovative technology that controls and monitors the use of illegals mobile phones in a controlled prison environment while allowing legalized devices to achieve communication as per the regulations set by the agency. The ultimate goal of Securus is to help customers stay safe while serving time and keep the public safe. Securus reports that prison staff’s investigation of the issue indicates that possession of contraband enables prisoners to continue criminal activities outside the jail walls. Securus launch of the solution was a success, unlike the previous attempts by other communication providers which lacked expertise, technology, and results to execute their mission successfully. The other industry solutions identified the cellular networks but failed to stop the signal transmission.


As a result, they wasted a substantial amount of money and time, and out the lives of several inmates at risk. Securus Wireless Containment Solution interferes with the transmission of signals from the controlled prison environment and prevents consequential damage to families, friends, prisoners, victims, officers, witnesses and other people in the society.


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