Rodrigo Terpins: The A-list Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a common sight on sports news headlines thanks to his prowess in rally races. The forty-four year old hails from a family of sports legends, his father Jack Terpins is known for his high-flying success in basketball whereas his brother Michael is famous for bagging various rally trophies. Jack is also known for his exemplary skills in leadership. Rodrigo’s good background is what has motivated him to the successful person he is today. Together with his brother Michael Terpin, the two started the Bull Sertoes rally team which since then has seen tremendous growth and has held and participated in many rallies across Brazil most of which Rodrigo managed to get top positions.

For instance, in the 22nd edition of the rally which had seven stages and was a 2600 kilometer stretch which took place within two states, Rodrigo managed top positions. He together with his navigator took position eight on the thirty-eight competitor’s list and position ten in team rankings. Rodrigo Terpins is doing quite well in the rally world something which adds, even more, points to his family legacy. He has been racing for more than four seasons now, and things are looking quite good for him. He thanks his success to the long hours he puts into practice.

Apart from being a racing enthusiast, Rodrigo Terpins is a man with a big heart and his participation in charity is what proves that best. For instance, he took part in a charity dinner held by Saude de Alegria to help raise funds for medicine and water. He also appreciates the environment, and that’s why he joined hands with his brother to create an initiative known as the carbon seal. The main objective of this program is to plant trees after races to compensate for the carbon emissions caused by the racing cars during the Bull Sertoes rallies. That will go a long way in ensuring that the environment is safe. Rodrigo is also a family man something that he ensures he balances with his career. Terpin competes in the T1 prototype class and continues to display his commitment to the sport since 2002 when he first began as a motorcycle racer. Follow him on Facebook to know more.

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