How Richard Blair is Helping People Manage their Assets and Plan for Retirement through Wealth Solutions

As an investment expert, Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions to help residents of Austin, TX make sound investment decisions. Wealth Solutions is among the leading investment advisors in the U.S. that enable clients to protect, manage and grow their assets.


The company relies on the expertise of Blair, who has CFS, RICP, CES, and CAS certifications. Wealth Solutions provides clients asset management services as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Learn more:


Financial Planning


One of the reasons customers usually seek Wealth Solutions’ services is because of the financial planning process that the company adopts. According to Blair, everyone needs an effective plan that can help them in achieving individual financial goals.


Wealth Solutions is governed by a three pillar financial planning approach. This approach enables the firm to determine the current financial situation and retirement needs of a customer. The approach also allows the company to formulate custom solutions for each client. Learn more:


The first pillar is uniquely designed to assist clients in planning their financial future. In this procedure, Wealth Solutions understand the background of a person. The second pillar involves developing a long-term strategy with respect to the investment needs of a person.


The strategy is also customized to be on par with a client’s investment goals and liquidity needs. The third pillar entails meeting a customer’s insurance needs. This encompasses life insurance, annuities, and long-term care.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair was brought up by parents who had extensive teaching experience. After school, his decision to create a financial advisory company was inspired by his childhood life. Back then, he discovered that teaching increases a person’s knowledge and grows their confidence. Blair came up with Wealth Solutions in 1994 targeting the Austin, TX financial market. Learn more:


Today, Wealth Solutions is driven by a passion for providing objective and unbiased advice to customers. Over the past two decades, Blair has earned immeasurable skill and experience that enable him to run Wealth Solutions. Blair attended the revered University of Houston and graduated with an undergraduate degree in finance. Blair also ventured into the financial services industry immediately after completing his studies.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions can be differentiated from other asset management and retirement planning experts based on his passion for helping clients. Blair believes that the only way people can enjoy their retirement is through planning. He focuses on helping people avoid pitfalls associated with planning for finances by providing them with effective income management strategies.