How Arthur Becker Turned into Real Estate Royalty

The office of Arthur Becker, located in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York, is a lesson in contradictions. On one half of the office you will see a seemingly warehouse full of artwork and a studio ready to create even more. On the other half of the office you will see the work of one of New York’s most dominant real estate investors. Arthur Becker is the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC and he has been focused wholeheartedly on dominating the city in the way that he knows how: by investing in his passions and following them where they lead.

Arthur Becker came upon his first fortune in a different industry in a seemingly different lifetime. Becker was working for Bear Stearns as a stockbroker when he hit it big by purchasing and selling the right tech companies at the right time. The first fortune Becker came across was in the early aught and he quickly parlayed that fortune into exploratory work in real estate in both Miami and New York. Arthur Becker found New York more to his liking and he eventually shifted gears in order to pursue real estate completely in the New York market. Madison Partners LLC would be founded in 2011 and Becker would be quick to get to work.

To start out Becker knew that he would have to learn the ropes and ingratiate himself with some of the bigger fish in the New York real estate game. This led Becker to becoming the quiet backer and money man of some of the biggest real estate developments in the New York game. Becker would work hand in hand with Michael Stern as well as Kevin Maloney on their huge development on 111 West 57th Street — also known as Billionaires’ Row. Arthur Becker would then transition to work on a luxury condo development in downtown Soho while working alongside Madison Equities.

According to Bloomberg, these early investment successes gave Becker the confidence and capital he needed in order to pursue his own real estate firm. Becker is now almost six years into Madison Partners LLC and working hard every day to continue innovating within his market.