Honey Birdette Unveils New Plans For Intercontinental Expansion

Honey Birdette, a Australian women’s lingerie and intimates boutique founded in 2006, recently announced some big plans for a new intercontinental expansion campaign. Firstly, the company plans to massively increase the number of real world, brick and mortar lingerie boutiques within the United Kingdom. Currently there are only three actual Honey Birdette stores in the U.K. but the company head has explicitly stated that she wants to see that number rise to 40 or more by the end of 2018. Likely locations where you will be able to purchase some the sensual lingerie, perfumes and bedroom toys that have made Honey Birdette such a international sensation include, Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool.

Also, the business is looking into expanding into the United States of America after they saw how large the market was for their product in the good ole US of A (the companies sales in the U.S. exploded by a 374 % margin in the past 12 months alone). To accomplishing that end Honey Birdette has opened up their first United States exclusive English language site and to draw a bigger crowd they had decided to add in some special perks like improved delivery speed and free deliveries for any product or products which amount to more than fifty US dollars.

The company is also looking to expand retail boutique properties into the United States of America at some point in the future but for the moment, the U.K. seems to have obtained priority in that regard.

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