George Soros is one of the Greatest Investors

Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros has been a renowned supporter of democratic ideals for more than 30 years. In 1947, Soros fled his native Hungary for London where he enrolled in the School of Economics program, supporting his studies with the salary he received from his part-time job of a waiter and railway porter. He later moved to the U.S in 1956, venturing into the world of finance and investments, where he worked as an analyst and investment manager for various firms. It was later in 1973 when he launched his foundation, ‘Soros Fund Management’ and became the most successful investor in the U.S history. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

In 2004, the billionaire investor used 27 million dollars to try to oust the then President George W. Bush out of power. He later in 2016 emerged as a major funder for the Democratic politics by donating more than 25 million dollars in favor of Hillary Clinton. It was during this time when he was seen to demonstrate deeper political interests, showing so much faith in Clinton as opposed to her rival Donald Trump. The 85-year old’s philanthropic works, however, began in 1979, when he was said to give the apartheid stricken South Africans scholarships. He also went ahead to create the Central European University for critical thinking after the fall of the Berlin wall. The greatest beneficiaries of Soros philanthropic acts are Africa, the United States, and Asia; given that in these regions he has been fully involved in supporting new efforts for the creation of democratic and transparent societies.

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In 2017, George Soros hired the most prominent woman in Wall Street, Dawn Fitzpatrick to run Soros Fund Management as CIO. His main focus has been on international foundations, donating more than 13 billion dollars so far to nonprofits aiming to defend human rights and expand health care and education across the globe. In 2005, Soros launched the Democratic Alliance, a secretive club, aiming to direct money towards intellectual infrastructures for combating struggles such as climate change. In his philanthropic legacy, the one thing that has been constant about him is his genuine passion for fighting intractable problems. Soros has continually made emphasis on the need to tackle losing causes around the world. In an interview, he said that his success in the financial markets had given him a greater degree of independence, allowing him to embrace a path that is more open and equal for all. Over the years, Soros has not only given his support to lawyers representing unlawfully held individuals but has also contributed fees for performing students from the marginalized societies. He continues to take an active stand in Open Society Foundations, not being afraid to advocate for international policy changes. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.