End Citizens United Getting Ready for Midterm Elections for Congress

The group End Citizens United contributed $2 million by August 2015 and was expected to contribute some more than $25 million to reach their target of $30 million. The contributions are aimed at passing a constitution amend to reverse the decision of the supreme court on Citizens United. The committee planned on funneling $10 million towards democratic candidates during the 2016 elections. The Supreme Court ruling gave rise to super PACs and released a tidal wave of dark money into politics. Approximately 325,000 individuals had signed End Citizen United petition in August 2015. The petition urged the Congress to pass such legislation. The number of supporters of the petition increased to a number more than four million people when the group united with Ready for Hillary group.

Though there have been other PACs advocating for campaign reform, End Citizens United is different. Previously, a hole existed in the conversations addressing political side of the changes. There was also a vacancy in getting people elected who would change the existing laws. The current group plans on backing candidates who will stand up against citizens united and who are under attack by the dark money related groups. Amidst enacting campaign finance reforms on both local and state levels, the main objective of the group is passing constitutional amendments to reverse the Supreme Court decision of 2010. For the changes to occur, a two-thirds consent from the senate and the house is required in addition to three-fourths ratification of states.

John Wonderlich, the policy director at Sunlight Foundation, noted it was an uphill battle for people who choose the path. Bearing in mind that America had not passed a single constitutional amendment since 1992. Wonderlich found it difficult for the amendment to occur. Moreover, the campaign finance regulation expert, Rick Hasen who is also the professor of law and political science in UC-Irvine school of law said it was difficult for the amendment to happen. He explained that the only likelihood of having the law changed was confirming Supreme Court Justice a new. Hasen, however, argued that groups like End United Citizens helped keep political pressure on supreme courts and other political actors and prevented them from making things worse.

A report from the US, today News, confirmed that the group collected more than $4 million during the first three months of 2017. It projects to raise additional $35 million before the 2018 midterm election for Congress. The contributions would be a significant push from the $25 million taken by PAC in the 2016 elections. A report from the PAC president indicated that around 100,000 people contributed to the PAC during the first quarter of 2015. Among them, 40, 000 contributed for their first time. He added that the average contribution received in 2017 is $12 million, those who contribute more have the biggest say.