Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Wildest Fantasies Come True In World Of Makeup

Let’s be brutally honest; trying to launch a makeup company on e-commerce and have it thrive is almost impossible. The competition is extremely tough, and a few giants appear to control the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere wasn’t afraid of all of that; she was just looking for the perfect moment to dive in.


The Russian-born businesswoman sat down with to talk beauty, entrepreneurship, fantasy makeup and more.


Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008; she planned well and moved quickly when she saw the ideal niche open up. She had developed a true entrepreneurial spirit at age 13 when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates in Russia. She convinced her fellow pupils that the tats were trendy and hot to wear.


In her later teens, Doe Deere moved to New York City, and that is where she began dabbling in small business-based ventures. She learned how to financially set up these companies, build a base and use the internet for brand expansion. She first sold fashion in an Ebay store, joined a band and met her husband Mark there and enjoyed learning how the Big Apple operated in a huge metropolis. NYC became her training ground or free internship to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Doe Deere saw that opportunities were plentiful for making money, and she set her gaze on the makeup industry next. She was into fashion, beauty and hair and knew that the right products could dramatically transform a person’s appearance. Her interests lied in fantasy makeup; those were bold cosmetics that used vibrant colors, textures and glitter. She was bored of the cosmetics giants that only offered safe shades and proper beige makeup palettes.


Doe Deere liked fresh, modern, naughty, super sexy makeup, and that is exactly what she debuted in Lime Crime. These days, her amazing lipsticks and eyeshadows feature brazen colors that turn heads and lipsticks that dry matte and stay on for practically hours and hours.


Lime Crime is makeup for both women and men, and that’s the point. Doe Deere developed her signature makeup line to allow the wearer to define their own unique standards of beauty. Learn more:


Doe Deere has built up her brand through social media sites. Lime Crime is active at Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and others. Doe Deere enjoys engaging with her fan base and being inspired by how they see beauty in all its gorgeous creative applications.