Brian Torchin

Dr. Brian Torchin

Having studied exercise studies in the University of Delaware, Dr. Brian Torchin later studied a degree in chiropractic studies from the New York Chiropractic College. His knowledge in the medical field influenced his future career in management.

Mr. Brian Torchin worked in the medical sector for a while when he saw a gap in the staffing industry. This led him to come up with a company that specialized in staffing and consultation for firms. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

HCRC staffing is a company that ensures that health care and legal firms get the best personnel for their various vacant positions in the least time possible. The company now operates in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

It also has over two hundred companies that are in their client list. The company provides their clients with professionals in the entire field needed. For instance, if it is a law firm, the company will provide paralegals, customer care individuals and even advocates. On the other hand, if it was a health care facility, then they will provide nurses, chiropractors, psychologists and even accountants.

Brian Mr. Torchin mostly uses social media platforms to advertise their various positions. For instance, if you visit his Facebook page, you will find that there are advertisements on the various available positions in their respective cites.

Through such a platform, many more people are able to be reached and hence getting the best professional for the job is made easier. The company is also able to deliver high quality and qualified personnel to their clients within a period of seventy-two hours making the operations in these firms normal.

This effort to curb shortage of staff in various companies has been very influential and essential especially if a company want to compete favorably in the market.

Mr. Torchin has made a huge difference in the staffing world. In fact, he has been a good example to the rest of the industries through his fruitful idea that has made the lives of the managers of various firms easier through duty delegation. Clearly, with interest and passion in a particular field, one can make a huge difference.