Betsy DeVos: Providing Education While Giving Back to the People

The confirmation of the new United States Secretary of Education managed to reach the headlines recently, as the votes for her confirmation between the United States Senators resulted into a tie – one half of the senate affirms her position, while the other half declined to confirm her. In order to verify her confirmation, the United States Vice President decided that he has to step up – Mike Pence voted for the confirmation of Betsy DeVos to become the new United States Secretary of Education, and that event would go down in history as the first tie breaker ever done by a vice president just to confirm the nomination of a cabinet secretary. Betsy DeVos, after the historic vote, became the 11th United States Secretary of Education. Check this related article from

Known to be one of the vocal supporter of programs aimed for the benefit of the people, Betsy Devos is working hard to improve and transform the condition of education in the country. She suggested the idea of handing out school voucher programs for the less fortunate families, and has been advocating that children should have a choice on what school they wanted to go to. Aside from working for the education department, Betsy DeVos is also one of the most recognized business women, being the daughter of the Prince Corporation’s founder. Dick DeVos, her husband, is also known in the corporate world as the former CEO of Amway. Her family is also regarded as the 88th richest family in the United States, and with this kind of influence she has in the world of business and politics, it is no doubt that the president has chosen her to serve the government.

Even though she is having a busy schedule tending to her call as the education secretary and looking after their family businesses, Betsy Devos does not forget to give back to the neighborhood. Betsy Devos is an active philanthropist, giving out donations in different foundations, art campaigns and educational campaigns. She started with a handful of organizations and foundations, and now, these groups whom she is helping had multiplied. Back in her early days, she had served as the vice president of their company’s foundation arm, wherein they are active in supporting advocacy groups who are conservative. She also partnered with her husband to create The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and has supported a lot of hospitals, research centers, art groups, Christian academies and missionary works. She never stops working to help those people who are in need, and now that she has been confirmed to be the new United States Secretary of Education, it would be giving her more power to campaign for what she believes is right – that every American deserves proper and affordable education.

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