Betsy DeVos Has a Better Chance Now More than Ever

Betsy DeVos is known to many as an American philanthropist, who mainly gives in political courses. However, those that have studied her well understand that her political giving is just pocket change in comparison to her charitable contributions. Betsy gives through a foundation, which she and her husband Dick DeVos founded years back. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is mainly geared towards causing transformation in the sacristy and creating a better tomorrow for the less privileged. In 2015, the foundation had extended over $139 million in charitable contributions.


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland on 8th January 1958 to the late Edgar and Elsar Prince. Edgar was a famous industrialist in Holland and was known for political and philanthropic giving. Having been dad’s favorite girl, the young Elizabeth prince picked many traits from her father. Case in point, she took to leadership positions from an early age but mostly got established in Michigan University where she was a student leader. Most students, who were her college mates, claim that she was very vocal when it came to airing students’ problems, and that made the administration keen on what ought to be done. They also say that Betsy delivered on her promises. Consequently, they re-elected her each year there was an election. Moreover, Betsy borrowed substantially from her father, who was also a political giver as well as a donor to charity. He and Elsar, her mother, told her that giving is good stewardship of the resources that one has. The above could explain why Betsy is philanthropic.

In the past, Betsy has held many leadership positions both at local and national levels. She was elected four times as the chairperson of the Republican Party before she resigned from the position for education reform related duties. Betsy says that she realized that the school system was lacking in many aspects and decided to focus on the development of the sector. She says that the old public school system discriminates the children since those from the wrong zip codes cannot attain the American dream. Consequently, Betsy DeVos prefers the Charter and Voucher Schools, which she says, are more accommodating and flexible. Although many criticize Betsy and the husband for supporting kids through the schools, the couple says that they believe that the system is more transformational than the public system. The couple also says that putting a child through the former is expensive yet most parents cannot afford the fees through the systems. To avoid high dropout rates and help the kids acquire a decent education, Betsy helps in paying the tuition for the ones whose parents may not afford the fees.

As the new secretary of education in America, there are high expectations that Betsy will reform the sector more now than ever.


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