A Look At Financial Expert Igor Cornelsen’s Style Of Investing

Igor Cornelsen spent decades in the Brazilian banking industry. During his career he led some of the biggest banks in the nation, including ably piloting one through the country’s banking crisis of 2014. Cornelsen has since semi-retired in South Florida where he continues to work part-time as a financial adviser.

Cornelsen has shared his knowledge of how the banking industry works in Brazil. While others lost money during the 2014 banking crisis, Igor Cornelsen made money. He has said there four things to know about the industry. First, there are only 10 main banks and those are the ones you want to be invested in. Two, he has said to look for a fresh face in government that can develop better banking laws and procedures. He went on to say that, as China is Brazil’s largest trading partner, you have to keep an eye on their economy in order to manage your portfolio on yolasite.com. Finally, he has said that the currency of Brazil, the real, has been overvalued for a long time which makes the country less competitive. He expects the government of Brazil to devalue its currency over the next few years.

As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen has developed a deep knowledge of financial markets and how to invest. He has said that investing always involves the element of losing money, however, the risk can be mitigated. The best way to do so it to diversify your portfolio as much as possible. He believes in owning the entire market both nationally and internationally, as well as having bonds as a part of your portfolio on Crunchbase. Doing this will let you take advantage of upswings in the markets while minimizing your losses when the markets go south.

Another piece of investing advice that Cornelsen has expressed is to get started as early as possible, as in today if you’re not already investing at https://twitter.com/igorcornelsen. One of your greatest allies in making money off investing is time and compounding interest. The money you save and invest today is worth far more than the money you save and invest 20 years from now.

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